Visiting Adelaide

The city of Adelaide is one of Australia's most enjoyable locations! Located inside the confines of a temperate Mediterranean climate, Adelaide is a 'must-experience' travel location. Within the heart of this modern cosmopolitan delight is a famous Adelaide hotels, the InterContinental Adelaide.

While you may find other hotels in this area, the InterContinental Adelaide Hotel stands out as a highly regarded, finely appointed, and comfortably located accommodation with close by walking distance attractions.

The center of Adelaide city is regarded for its eclectic selections of specialty foods, wines, numerous festivals, casino and shopping. Celebrations occur frequently at the Festival Centre. A variety of other activities are close to this area as well.

A stroll by the scenic River Torrens might include some browsing in the new and exciting Riverbank Promenade. Specialty and well-known shops are in distinguished variety there, along with many opportunities to tease and satisfy your palate.

Additionally, nearby is the Adelaide Casino where you can partake in feeling rich (if nothing else!) by the beautiful architecture and furnishings throughout its lobby and halls. The Adelaide Convention Centre, located next to the Riverbank Promenade, is yet another attraction famous for its design, function, and accoutrements.

How about a peaceful recreational visit to the Botanical Gardens of Adelaide? Given the local climate is conducive to visits on any day, you are surely to breathe in the experience of gorgeous plants, flora and fauna. You will also gain a new fondness for botanicals from the educational information provided at the gardens. Don't forget your camera, please!

Yet more to partake in within such easy reach as this Adelaide Hotel as we continue on. We also have the Art Gallery of South Australia. You will be amazed by the stunning and mesmerizing creative artwork collections of local, regional, national and international famous and premiere artists.

Lastly, if you have not seen or had enough variety of shopping experiences with all of the above, a visit the Adelaide Central Market may be just what you need ! Here, you will find pleasing culinary delights ranging from cheeses to sweets, baked goods, sea foods, produce and more. I would suggest you go on an empty stomach since the array of edibles may prove too much for one who has no room left to sample and taste.