Sights of Adelaide

Whatever you do in Adelaide, try to make sure for some if not all of the following:

Experience Haighs Chocolates
With both city and eastern Suburbs locations Haighs Chocolates is a chocolate Heaven with what are arguably some of the best chocolates in Australia or indeed the world. Take a guided tour at the Greenhill Road factory/store before you give into temptation and choose from the huge selection including truffles, creams and bars.

Jetty Road/Marina Pier - Glenelg
Glenelg is one of the main dining and shopping district in the greater Adelaide area. Its relaxed beachside atmosphere and an extensive array of restaurants and shops on offer along Iconic Jetty Road and the modern Marina Pier make a visit a must. Just over a 20 minute drive from the Adelaide city centre this seaside spot offers the chance to relax with your friends and family in style.

Swim with Dolphins
Various tours are available that will take you out on the water from Glenelg with the main goal of seeing the dolphins up close, with options available to swim outside the boat and hopefully come away with a face-to-fin encounter. Most tour operators will also offer a "dolphin sighting guarantee" so that if - on the rare chance you don't see any - you'll be provided with either a refund or at least, a chance to come back again for free. Non-swimmers and first-timers are also generally welcome, as flotation devices provided ensure you'll be able to hop on the water off the back of the boat without much of a struggle. 

Dine at Gouger Street
Gouger Street is a dining precinct featuring a number of popular eateries almost directly in the heart of Adelaide city, making it one of the most convenient places for a delicious meal in Adelaide. 
Especially popular for its Asian cuisines but offering other dining options including Italian, French, Indian and many more. 

Barossa Valley
New South Wales' Hunter Valley, Victoria's Yarra Valley, and South Australia's Barossa Valley will always be part of the conversation when discussing Australia’s finest wines. with the Barossa outside Adelaide generally considered the unofficial "wine capital" of Australia due to the sheer volume of wine it produces each year.

The Barossa Valley can be reached in around an hour's drive from the Adelaide CBD, and once there you'll come across some of the largest winemakers in the country as well as a huge array of smaller, boutique cellar doors. 

Along with wine the Barossa Valley boasts an enviable variety of locally-produce foodstuffs with some of the best and richest cheeses, dried fruits, fresh meats and produce

Art Gallery of South Australia
The Art Gallery of South Australia is in the heart of the city and offers an eclectic mix of both old and new art housed within its older, colonial-style walls. The art gallery restaurant offers enjoyable and properly-prepared food with excellent service in a wonderful setting. 

With the strong European influence that can be found in the majority of regions throughout South Australia, Hahndorf is the oldest German settlement in the country. Hosting a vast variety of specialty and craft shops, German-style pubs, bakeries and cafes with many reflecting the German culture. Just a short drive up the freeway in Hahndorf is a delightful place to simply walk around and unwind. 

Adelaide Zoo
Adelaide Zoo is relatively small compared to similar attractions in some of Australia's larger cities, but more than makes up for this with its manageable layout, diverse array of animals – and perhaps the main draw card the Giant Pandas – Wang Wang and Funi . Adelaide Zoo is the only destination in the country where you're able to get up close with these amazing animals.