When Planning Your Visit to Adelaide

There is always something to do in Adelaide no matter what time of the year you visit. Adelaide generally has mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

Autumn (March to May) is a great time to visit Adelaide. There’s plenty of sunshine and the weather is warm and pleasant. Daily autumn temperatures in Adelaide range from a minimum of 12.5°C to a maximum of 22.4°C. The hills around Adelaide are awash with autumn colour at this time of year making it spectacularly beautiful.

The biennial Tasting Australia festival (April-May) is held in Adelaide and various locations across South Australia in autumn. It is one of the best times to enjoy South Australia’s bounty of fresh local produce.

South Australia gets most of its rainfall during the winter months (June, July and August) meaning that the hills are green and lush, walking is a pleasure in the cooler days and evenings are perfect for gathering around a fire in a country pub.

In spring (September to November) South Australia is awash with colour and wildlife flourishes. The best time to walk the Arkaba Walk in the Flinders Ranges is from October to April.

During summer (December to February) people head to the beaches, so coastal towns are popular and can be quite busy. Locals also take advantage of the warmer weather to dine outdoors in Adelaide’s many fine restaurants and cafes. Catch a tram to the seaside town of Glenelg, which has a warm year-round Mediterranean climate.

In the Barossa Valley, summer means sunshine and warm days. The nights are ideal for outdoor dining. Spring offers sunny days and a great time for nature walks. Pack lighter clothing for the day and some warm clothing for the cool evenings.

In Autumn, the autumn leaves on the vines are a sight to behold. The Winter months bring colder days and some rain, and cold nights which are perfect for sitting with a glass of wine in front of a cosy log fire.